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2 m³ Skip

Two-meter skips are for building rubble only. This is clean building rubble consisting of concrete and sand. There is a mark on the skip and it cannot be overloaded as we will be over the capacity allowed by the law.

3 m³ Skip

The three-meter cubic skip is available for mixed rubble which includes household goods, garden rubble, and general household waste, excluding any oils or chemicals.

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6 m ³ Skip

These skips are for clean building rubble only. No mixed rubble is allowed in the skip. No wet cement mix is allowed in the skip.

18 m ³ Skips

These skips are for mixed rubble only. None of the following are allowed in these skips:

  • Oil

  • Hazardous Chemicals

  • Paint

  • Tyre's

  • Building Rubble

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Top 10 things to keep in mind when you need a skip for waste disposal

​1. Waste Types - what is allowed in a skip

There are a number of things that are not allowed in a skip which we cannot dispose of.

  • Asbestos

  • Batteries

  • Gas Bottles

  • Oil, Petrol or Diesel

  • Hazardous & Toxic Materials

  • Tyres

  • Medical Waste

If it is found that any of these items are in the skip when we empty there will be a surcharge and these restricted items will be returned to you. Please make sure that no one else put any of the above-mentioned items in the skip as you are still liable for it.

​2. Skip Size – what size of skip should I hire

This depends on the amount of waste you have and what is the space available to place the skip. To find out what size will be the right size for you please contact us via whatsapp.

3. Skip Prices – how much will a skip cost me

Skip prices differ and depend on the size of the skip, the type of waste and the location you require the skip at.

4. Types of skips for types of wastes

As a homeowner or tenant, you will most likely require a Mixed Waste Skip rather than a Building Rubble Skip. This is as most likely you will get rid of a range of items. That is why you will first receive a quote on a mixed waste skip, but if you only have building rubble, we will quote you on a building rubble skip which is cheaper. The building rubble skip can only include building rubble, sand and cement. Building rubble gets recycled to be used again in other construction projects.

5. Labour – can you help load the skip

The skip hire service includes the delivery and the collection of the skip but not the labour to load the skip.

6. Rental Period & collection

The price of a skip covers a hire for a period of five days. Collection will take place after five days. We will make contact with you and enquire if you would like a swap for an empty skip or if you need a collection only.Should you need a skip for a period longer than this please speak to us as there are fees that apply for longer periods.

7. Restrictions – access

Skips are delivered with various types of vehicles which depends on the size of skip you take. So please ensure there is enough space and no restrictions i.e. height and width where the vehicle need to enter. So if there are please check with us before delivery to ensure the skip will be able to be delivered to the location required.

8. Weight restrictions- how much can be loaded into a skip

Weight restrictions do apply to skips but this is normally not applicable to mixed waste skips. This is due to mixed rubble not being too heavy or include heavy items. IT is only building rubble that weigh heavy. The skips are marked on the inside to which height you can load it. This mean that you must never fill the skip above this mark or the sides of the skip. If it exceed the mark or if the driver find that it is over loaded the drive might refuse to remove the skip and will ask that you empty the extra load before they remove it. This is because overloading of skips are dangerous when transporting these as items might fall out and cause damage or injury to others.

​9. How to protect your driveway

Driveways may be damaged by a skip if care is not taken. This can be avoided by placing scaffolding or big pieces of planks to rest the skip on. Also remember when skips are collected stabilizers are used when they load the skip. These metal legs put extra pressure on the surface and might potentially cause damage. If you are concerned about potential damage, please speak to us before the skip is delivered.

10. How long before delivery

Delivery will take place as soon as possible after payment is reflecting on your account. Same day requests we will do our best to accommodate your order, however if a skip is ordered or a swap is arranged after 10h00 it might very well only be delivered the next day. We plan our routes in the morning and orders will slot in based on availability of vehicles, so if you have specific time restraints ensure that you arrange this, keeping the above information in mind.

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