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Top tips for buying braai or fireplace wood
  1. When deciding where to buy wood first you need to think of how much storage space you have for the wood.

  2. What you need the wood for as the type of wood will determine what you can use it for

  3. How the wood is stored, where you buy it from, is it kept dry or is it in the open air, there is nothing worse to buy wood that has been drenched with water.

  4. Find out how long ago the wood has been cut as if it has been recently you will most likely end up with very wet wood full of sap still which is an effort to get going and can smoke a lot, especially if you will be using this indoors. 

  5. Are the wood packed in a bag which makes it easier to carry around and some woods leave a but of dust behind so in a bag would be ideal.

  6. Make sure that the wood is cut into even size pieces which will give consistent burning time.

Black Wattle Wood.jpg

Port Jackson Wood

Port Jackson wood is a superior wood for providing heat and is ideal for cooking food and provide a unique smokey flavour when used for a braai.


Port Jackson wood is ideal for firewood in the winter and for making pizza. 


Blue Gum Wood

Blue gum wood does not burn as long as other wood types but it provides a high heat and when used in a fireplace it ads that crackling sound for atmosphere.

Rooikrans Wood.jpg

Rooikrans Wood

Rooikrans wood is well known in the Western Cape for its great characteristic smell and the ability to make a fire that will leave you with enough coles and heat to finish your braai.

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